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Talent concept


DIY Craft Punch: Art & Craft Punch, Embossed Die Cutting Machine, Craft Scissors, Stencil, Craft Embosser, Puzzle Maker, Craft Paper Knife, etc...

Office Stationery: Stapler, Paper Hole Punch, Stapler Remover,  Paper Trimmer, File Folder, File Box, File Tray, File Display Stand, Pencil Sharperer, Clip Board ,etc...

Household Appliance:  PP Vase, PP Footware box, Steel Egg Cutter, Steel Nut Cracker, Steel Garlic Masher, PP Spoon, PS Earring Display, PS Jewellery Barn, PS Jewellery Box, Keyboard and Luggage Carrier...etc. 

Metal and Plastic semi-manufactures... We experience many project cases from US and EU clients.

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